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Our hail defence blankets are lifted on to your caravan with telescopic paint poles available at Bunnings. This is a very safe fitting method and eliminates the need to carry the caravan cover up a step ladder in your arms or on your shoulder.

Our hail defence blankets are made in 2 or 3 sections depending on the length of your caravan.


Why buy a hail defence blanket?

The flat roof of your caravan is vulnerable to hail damage,  air conditioning units, and poly carbonate roof hatches can crack when hit by large hail stones, resulting in an insurance claim and the loss of your RV to a repairer.

The sloping front of a caravan and the bonnet and windscreen of a caravan will also receive big impacts during a severe Hail storm.


What makes our Hail Blankets So Effective?

Our 3 layer hail defence cover is manufactured using the following materials,

                          Outer fabric, silver or beige tarp ( made in Japan)  5 year sun \ UV warranty

                          Middle layer 4mm thickness insulation, 2 aluminium foils protect high density close cell foam from tearing.

                          Lining fabric is manufactured by Dupont, Tyvek is a soft white, non-woven fabric used in car covers.



Hail and Heat Defence 

Our caravan covers uniquely offer protection from Australia’s intense summer heat, and hail storms. ThermalBrane 4 is made by Australian reflective insulation.


We use a combination of 3 layers of materials resulting in a 7mm thickness cushioning the impact of hail stones.

We warranty the foam/ foil combination from tearing, a competitor company does not warranty their hail protection from tearing, as unprotected foam can easily tear at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.


The internal radiant heat, inside your RV can be significantly reduced by including thermalBrane4 under the polyfabric on the front, roof and rear, of a cover.


Choose the level of heat & hail defence you require, in your state. The roof of caravan are very vulnerable to hail damage. The caravan windscreen and bonnet are also surfaces that receive high impact from hail stones. For complete protection, the vertical surfaces of the sides and rear can also be chosen as options in your cover.


Severe storm activity can occur with unpredictable ferocity across Australia’s diverse climatic regions. Hail storm damage causes RV owners major inconvenience when expensive repairs need to be carried out.


Our revolutionary 3 layer, cushioning has the potential to greatly reduce the impact of hail stones on both aluminium and fibreglass panels.


The option of including our hail & heat protection in the cover will give you peace of mind when your RV is exposed to the elements.


**This hail defence cover has the potential to reduce impact damage from hail. No guarantee can be offered against damage by hail/storm to any RV.**

Caravan Hail Blanket

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