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We have designed our external cab cover to provide heat reduction within the cab. By fitting an external cover the sun cannot directly heat up the windscreen and the side windows, therefore reducing the radiant temperature within the cab of your motorhome. The cover is designed to protect the motorhomes headlamps from Sun/UV damage. 


The cover is manufactured in three sections, the drivers side and passengers side sections zip onto the windscreen and bonnet section of the cover. The cover is fastened to the cab using high quality 68mm diameter suction cups that are quick realease and hold the fabric tension against the body work of the cab securly. There are three spider hooks that secure the cover under the bumper on the front of the motorhome. 


The grey fabric we manufacture the cab cover with is used for boat bimini's. The fabric has a soft cloth interior, so therefore is not abarasive to paintwork and plastics. 

Motorhome Cab Covers

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